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Etymoliterat offers a unique way of learning languages by actively making multiple etymological connections and hereby facilitating the memorizing of vocabulary. Follow these three steps and enjoy the benefits of etymological learning.

Learning Steps

• Step One: Choose a text that interests you. Click on the words that are unfamiliar or that you feel unsure about. Try to memorize the translation, displayed in the schematic's first line.

• Step Two: Try to remember further related words in the language the text is written in. These words are always listed directly under the main word in the schematic.

• Step Three: Try to remember further related words in other languages. See these words as an etymological cloud surrounding the main word.

• Benefit One: You will notice that any connection in an etymological cloud works both ways: Anytime you stumble upon one of the words of an etymological cloud, you will instantly have access to connected words in the same language and even in other languages.

• Benefit Two: Your vocabulary will increase at a faster pace, as you are learning several languages at the same time. Conscious connections between languages will enhance separation of languages while speaking.

• Benefits Three: With time, your intuition concerning etymological connections will increase - to a point where you may even understand words, you never have heard of before.

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